Chives flowering in square foot gardening bed

The following gardening books are so helpful to me that I have made frequent use of most of them for years.  Click on the book titles to read my reviews.   I encourage you to also read the reviews that other people have provided about these books at

All New Square Foot Gardening, by Mel Bartholomew

Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long (Revised and Expanded Edition), by Eliot Coleman

The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a Year, No Matter Where You Live, by Niki Jabbour

The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control: A Complete Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Garden and Yard the Earth-Friendly Way (Newly Revised), edited by Fern Marshall Bradley, Barbara W. Ellis and Deborah L. Martin

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits & Vegetables, by Mike and Nancy Bubel

American Horticultural Society Pruning and Training, by Christopher Brickell and David Joyce


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