How would you like to…

Produce more food with less effort

Maximize your harvest from a limited space

Enjoy fresh, home-grown vegetables all year-round

Harvest sweet, juicy fruit from a tiny backyard

Save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill

Grow nutritious, organic food free from pesticides


Square Foot Gardening can make this possible!

You can create square foot garden beds in many sizes and shapes,
but an easy-to-use size is 4 feet by 4 feet – a total of just 16 square feet.

Photo of square foot garden

You can fit this size garden bed in the smallest backyard, and it is very easy to take care of.

This tiny garden bed can produce 30-60 pounds of food in one year,
with a value ranging from $30 to over $150.


Whether you just want to harvest a fresh salad every day,
or you would like to grow most of
the fruits and vegetables that you eat year-round,
you can learn how to:

Harvest 2-4 pounds of vegetables per square foot of garden bed per year.

Design and grow your own mini fruit garden – including tiny 4-6 foot tall fruit trees.

Harvest fresh vegetables 12 months a year using simple cold frames and row cover.

Grow delicious organic vegetables in containers on your patio.


Raised bed gardenWelcome!

My name is Debra Graff, and I’ve created this website
to help you learn how to harvest abundant food
all year-round from a small garden.

My recommendations will be most helpful for gardens in zones 6-7
in eastern North America
, as that is where I’ve had experience.  However, you will be able to apply most of this information in other zones and locations.

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Want to produce more food with less effort?

Learn 9 simple methods to harvest
an incredible amount of food from your small garden!

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